Eclogues and Other Poems

Eclogues and Other PoemsThis new book contains new translations of a selection of poems by the modern magyar poet Radnóti Miklós, a 1935 graduate of the University of Szeged. Born in Budapest in 1909, Radnóti began publishing his poems and translations while still a university student. By the late 1930’s, he had established himself as a major new voice in magyar poetry. His life ended in 1944 not far from the village of Abda, where, a short distance from the banks of the Rába, he was slain by his captors near the end of a forced march that had begun in the mountains of Serbia months before. Many of the poems included here were composed during his captivity in the labor camp whose name appears at the end of several eclogues and other poems.

The translator, Jack Roberts is author of A Life Less Damnable and Having Said That, also published by AMERICANA eBooks.

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Title: Eclogues and Other Poems
Author: MiklĂłs RadnĂłti
Translator: Jack Roberts
Year of release: 2015
ISBN: 978-963-89514-6-5 (.mobi); 978-963-89514-5-8 (.epub); 978-963-89514-7-2 (POD)