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A Life Less Damnable – out now!

We are proud to present A Life Less Damnable by Jack Roberts – a detective novel set in Szeged, in the South of Hungary in 2000. It tackles the symbiosis of political and personal life in post-Communist Hungary in a

A Call for a Unified Referencing System for Academic eBooks

At AMERICANA eBooks we are well aware of one of the most common problems of using ebooks in an academic setting: citing, quoting from, or simply referring to passages in an ebook may be problematic, as it is the nature

Printed books from AMERICANA eBooks

While AMERICANA eBooks is strongly devoted to publishing ebooks, we also try to distribute our books for the widest possible audience. To attain this goal, we start publishing our titles in printed book format as well, in print on demand

Download ebooks from your Kindle browser

Last week we implemented a new feature that makes it super easy to send our ebooks to your Kindle device. Today we are announcing a Kindle browser page, optimized for the not-so-flashy browser in the Experimental section of your device.

Sending ebooks directly to Kindle

We are happy to announce the new feature you can now use on our site: send our ebooks directly to your Kindle device. All you need to do is the following: put the email address on whitelist in your

Egyesület az e-könyvekért

Az AMERICANA eBooks csatlakozott az “Egyesület az e-könyvekért” összefogáshoz, amely a hazai e-könyves kiadókat, könyves szervezeteket, vállalkozásokat, szakmai blogokat és könyvtárakat fogja össze. Az egyesület alapító dokumentumát ünnepélyes ünnepélyes keretek között 2012. július 11-én írták alá az Országos Széchényi Könyvtárban,

Promo video for the new AMERICANA issue