Cities of Saviors

Cities of SaviorsCities of Saviors is a short study of the urban spaces of E. E. Cummings’ poetry and Peter Ackroyd’s seminal novel, Hawksmoor. Although at first sight a comparison of these two authors might seem surprising, the analysis offered by this new book shows that such a reading can be revelatory for the understanding of both authors. Relying on close readings informed by the spatial theories of Mircea Eliade, Michel Foucault and Gaston Bachelard, it sheds light on a common understanding of space: one that is immersed in a dark sacrality. By doing so, it also radically reinterprets the oeuvre of both authors, in that it positions Cummings away from the accepted image of the neo-Romantic poet of transcendence and situates Ackroyd in the continuing tradition of (late) Modernism.

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Title: Cities of Saviors. Urban Space in E. E. Cummings’ Complete Poems, 1904-1962 and Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor
Author: ZĂ©nĂł Vernyik
Year of release: 2015
ISBN: 978-615-5423-09-3 (.mobi); 978-615-5423-10-9 (.epub); 978-615-5423-11-6 (POD)