The Suza Wedding. A Play in Three Acts

The Suza WeddingThe Suza Wedding Feast (1981) by the Transylvanian-Hungarian writer, András Sütő is a metaphoric history play about the plight of the Hungarian minority in Romania in the 1970s and 1980s, under Nicolae Ceauşescu’s totalitarian dictatorship. Alexander the Great, forcing a change of language, culture, religion, attempts to totally assimilate Persia and the Persians into Greeco-Macedonian culture. The play investigates complex moral and psychological issues and possibilities of resistance while delving into the psychology of betrayal. This postcolonial, poetic history play dramatizes private losses deeply entangled with communal deprivations, and the nature of political power encroaching on the most private spheres—both of which are today rare in western, especially in English-language dramas. The play was translated by Csilla Bertha and Donald E. Morse.

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Title: The Suza Wedding. A Play in Three Acts
Author: András Sütő
Translators: Csilla Bertha and Donald E. Morse
Year of release: 2015
ISBN: 978-615-5423-15-4 (.mobi); 978-615-5423-16-1 (.epub); 978-615-5423-17-8 (POD)